Upgrade of metering units AGZU

The need for the Sputnik AGZU metering unit modernization appeared due to the new national standard GOST R8.615-2005 "State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements.  The measuring of quantity of produced oil and petroleum gas. General metrological and technical requirements". Currently used AGZU metering untis do not meet the requirements of the standard in parameters to be measured and metrological characteristics. Units measure only volumetric flowrate of liquid while the standard requires transferring to standard conditions.
The upgrade solution of the Sputnik AGZU metering units includes the installation of Coriolis flowmeters, watercut meters.
Scope of upgrade work:
Technical  inspection;
 repair according to the results of the technical survey;
 unit upgarde;
coupling of the process control system with the upper level. 

Our company consistently deals with new technologies that solve the problems of flow rate measurements, fiscal oil metering, and accordingly, the manufacturing of all equipment kinds for the implementation of proposed new technologies.

The enterprise performs  repair and modernization of measuring installations with reception of  measurement results of oil wells production in accordance with the requirements of GOST 8.615 The measuring of quantity of taken produced oil and petroleum gas. General metrological and technical requirements.

Metering units are being developed where wellstream fluid to be measured is separated and alternately, separately (free water,  oil-water emulsion, oil and gas) is run through  one metering line with with determination of phases in accordance  with the requirements of GOST P 8.615.

The proposed technical solution (reduction of flowmeters amount by two times, the use of a single measuring line for both liquid and gas) will significantly reduce cost of metering unit, significantly reduce operating costs, and as a result, improve the reliability of equipment operation, reliability of receiving information, multiply exceeding the requirements of GOST R 8.615 at watercut values exceeding fifty percent.

All these new technologies proposals for flow measurement are based on the application of Electronic Vortex Impulse Flowmeter (ERVIP) developed by our specialists, which allows to measure the flowrate of both liquid and gas.

We propose for our customers to pilot test our equipment, original technical solutions with the application of new technologies on the basis of the ERVIP flowmeter.




Gas flowrate metering range at operating conditions, m³/h

from 1.4 to 1000

Range of liquid mass flowrate metering channel, t/day

0.1 to 3000

Working pressure, MPa max


Supply voltage for measuring devices, V:

from AC source with a power frequency (50 ± 1) Hz

200 to 240

from DC source

from 12 to 24

Power consumption, W, max


Ambient air temperature, °С

from -40 to +50

Fluid characteristics - gas-liquid mixture (oil, formation water, gas)

Temperature, °C:

from 1 to 90

- liquid viscosity, 10-6m²/sec, max


Fluid pressure, MPa, max


Oil density, kg / m³, max


Formation water density, kg / m³

from 1000 to 1200

Measure liquid density  at t = 20 °C, kg/m³

from 760 to 1150

Volume fraction of formation water in the fluid (watercut),%

from 0 to 98

Wax content, wt %

< 7,0

- solids content, mg/L, max


Volume content of hydrogen sulphide, %

< 2,0

Gas oil ratio, m³/t at standard conditions


< 150

mean time between failures, hours, min


life time, years


Limits of relative error, %

Limits of allowable relative error for liquid mass flowrate measuring channel (crude oil),%

± 2.5

Limits of the allowable relative error for volume gas flowrate measuring channel (at standard conditions), %

± 5,0

Limits of allowable relative error for liquid mass flowrate measuring channel, % in the range of water volume fraction

up to 70%

from 70% to 95%

from 95 to 98 %


± 6.0

± 15.0

± 30.0