Flowrate metering unit - Sputnik-Massomer.NT

SPUTNIK-MASSOMER.NT metering units are designed for:

  • metering mass and daily average mass rate of separated crude oil or oil-water mixture;
  • metering volume and daily average volume rate of associated gas;
  • metering mass and daily average mass rate of separated dehydrated oil.

AGZU SPUTNIK-MASSOMER.NT includes technological, hardware blocks as well as life support systems Technological block includes measuring and distribution modules.

The main part of the measuring module is a two-chamber horizontal separator. Separator chambers are made in the form of cylinders of different diameters located one above the other. The upper chamber equipped with a cyclone is the first stage of separation and serves for the primary separation of gas from the liquid and also for the dehydration of the gas using demister mounted inside.
The lower  chamber with larger diameter serves to accumulate crude oil flowing from the upper chamber and secondary gas separation from the liquid.
Flow distribution is automatically controlled with multi-stream switching manifold (PSM) or three-way valves providing alternate connection of wells to the measuring module.

The hardware module includes measurement and information processing block (BIOI) and power control block (BSU).
BIOI processes the measurement information coming from the flow transmitters, pressure and temperature transmitters, generates the measurement information by mass and the average daily mass flow rate of crude oil, the volume and daily average gas flow rate, indicates and transmits the measured and determined parameters via communication channels, controls the measurement process.
Elements of the life support system provide shelter (block-boxes), heating, lighting, ventilation, fire and gas alarm.

AGZU units
can be delivered with two flow meters installed on a gas pipeline and on a pipeline draining liquid from the lower chamber of the separator (liquid line) or with one flow meter mounted only on a liquid  line.

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Number of connected wells (depending on unit design)

1 – 14

Range of production rate nominal values of wells connected to the installation, m3/day.

400, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000

working pressure, mpa max


Power supply:


Current type


Voltage, V


Supply voltage deviations, %

from -15 to +10

AC frequency, Hz


Power consumption, kW


Ambient air conditions:


Temperature range

from -40 to +40 (UL); from -60 to +40 (UHLL)

Relative humidity, %

< 100

Fluid characteristics:



gas-oil mixture

Temperature range, °C

from 5 to 60

Kinematic viscosity of liquid at t = 20°C, cSt

< 500

Oil density, kg/m³


Formation water density, kg/m3


Watercut, wt %

from 0 to 100

Wax content, vol %

< 7

solids content, wt %

< 0,05

H2S content, vol %

< 2

Gas oil ratio, m3/ton (at normal conditions)

< 3000

Type and number of input / output signals (channels) of the BIOI control block, min:


Unified current input signals (8 channels)

0-20 mA

Digital input signals


Discrete output signals


Information and communication channels:


Operator panel rs232 port


Combined channel rs485 / rs232, modbusrtu


Ethernet channel

At the customer's request

The connection lines of the internal "modbus" information channels (watercut meter,  flow meter) are protected by a lightning protection device and intrinsically safe barriers

Limits of relative error, %


Control Block BIOI:


Measurements of unified current signals

± 0.5

Measurements of time intervals

± 0.15

Pulse number measurements

± 0.15

Data processing

± 0.05

AGZU metering unit (in accordance with the GOST 8.615-2005):


Metering of mass and average mass flowrate of crude oil

± 2.5;

Metering of mass and average mass flowrate of dehydrated oil according to watercut value range


< 70

± 15.0

from 70 to 95

± 15.0

Determining mass and average mass flowrate of oil at

± 15.0



Design of instrumentation, devices and electrical equipment


Design of the electrical equipment in the hardware block

Common industrial


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