Flow meters

Flowmeter - ERVIP.NT


The transducer uses a vortex flow metering method. The oncoming  liquid flow (gas) forms vortex in the flowaround body that propagate alternately along back of each flowaround body (Karman path). The frequency of vortex shedding from the flowaround body is proportional to the flow velocity of the moving fluid.

These vortices cause pressure fluctuations on both sides of the flowaround body which are fixed by the sensitive element.

The element senses the pressure pulsations at a breakdown of each vortex and  converts them into an electrical signal that enters the electronic block. The electronic block after signal amplification, filtering, transformations and program  processing forms the output signals of the tranducer.

The flowmeters of the explosion-proof modification ERVIP.NT-Vn are general industrial in the explosion-proof casing "d" designed in accordance with the requirements for explosion-proof electrical  equipment of IIB, IIA subgroups according to GOST R IEC 60079-14.

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