• Technical support

            Every year it becomes more and more difficult to solve the tasks facing oil producing and service companies. High-tech oilfield equipment is being introduced that requires professional maintenance and repair. The geography of production is expanding, IPP "New Technologies" ready to offer a wide range of service and repair services for the maintenance of oilfield equipment. Thanks to an individual approach to customer requirements, careful study of production features, as well as the presence of experienced and highly qualified specialists, all this in a complex, allows you to respond promptly to customer requests, provide them with quality services, improve the experience and knowledge gained, implement innovative projects and do not stop there.

    List of types of work:

    • done Performing of maintenance, routine repairs, as well as major repairs of automated group measuring units (AGZU) on a turnkey basis, with the production of necessary spare parts, such as a multi-pass well switch (PSM) and a separation tank;
    • done Arrangement of bush sites and oil fields;
    • done SMR, PNR Agzu;
    • done Production and supply of components for the oil and gas industry.

    Production bases are located in Ufa and Nizhnevartovsk. If necessary, the bases are rented on the territory of the work.

    Such a network of divisions allows the Company to promptly respond to Customer requests and offer solutions in the shortest possible time, and the technical base, well-established infrastructure and proven permanent teams of personnel allow us to work in compliance with the requirements of current legislation, clearly fulfilling all obligations.  


  • Metering units maintenance and repair

    Overhaul of Sputnik AGZU metering unit:

    ·         Repair of separation tank, flanges, safety valve;

    ·         Repair of multistream switch PSM (shaft, PSM body, rubber rings);

    ·         Repair of TOR 1-50 flowmeter;

    ·         valve repair;

    ·         Repair of technological block and floor restoration;

    ·         Replacement of the pipeline, flowrate controller;

    ·         Replacement of hydraulic drive GP-1M, flap, check valve;

    ·         Electric installation work.


    AGZU Metering units maintenance:

    ·         Inspection of AGZU metering unit condition for the operability of the measuring system as a whole and its components with issuance of inspection report and defect sheet;

    ·         Repair and replacement of defective components and consumables on the basis of a defect sheet;

    ·         Verification of measuring devices with expired verification period;

    ·         Adjustment of devices, controllers and unit as a whole for making correct measurements;

    ·         Test measurements of well rates with the issuance of metering unit condition report

    ·         AGZU metering units maintenance in accordance with the instructions, replacement of sealing elements, other consumables and accessories if necessary;

    ·         Consultations and training of oilfield personnel for maintenance, adjustment and operation of the units.

  • Well dewaxing

    Engineering and Production Enterprise New Technologies Ltd. provides services for cleaning the tubing string from wax. Cleaning is done by scraping. Tool is set in motion using a winch mounted on the car chassis.

  • Maintenance of the dewaxing device

    Maintenance of the assembled device includes the following periodic works:

    - external inspection of roll stand bending, the state of the welded joints;

    - checking the fasteners;

    - checking and, if necessary, topping up the oil in the gearbox;

    - visual inspection of the wire condition. In the case of wire diameter reduction  or corrosion, replace the wire;

    - checking the condition and, if necessary, replacing the glands, stuffing box, lubricator;

    - checking the operation of the minimum weight sensor;

    - calibration of the device;

    - checking the parameter values at the control station;

    - extraction from the well and checking the condition of the scraper;

    - inspection and verification of device by a ground megger;

    - updating the grounding marks on the device.

    Maintenance is carried out in accordance with the table:


    Work type









    1000 hours


    Inspect seals for leaks.








    Check the wire laying on the drum for the absence of overlapping and twisting. If necessary, adjust the alignment of the drum and the roller.








    Inspection of the reducer for the absence of mast streaks, noisy sounds.








    To clean the body of stuffing box from wax








    Visual inspection of wire wear








    Checking the fastening of the wire to the drum








    Check the presence of lubricant in the stuffing box, top up if necessary.








    Visually assess the condition of the wire for the suitability to further usage.








    Check the operation of the weight sensor








    Check the presence of lubricant in the gearbox and the motor, top up if necessary.








    Check the parameters in the winch control station for compliance with the well operating mode.








    Inspection of wire, scraper and lubricator.








    Wire dressing in the place of fixing the scraper. Cleaning the scraper. The dressing frequency can be reduced or increased depending on the operating conditions of the tubing cleaning device UOK-NKT, the service life and the quality of the wire.








    Replacement of oil seals in stuffing box. The replacement frequency can be reduced or increased depending on the operating conditions of the tubing cleaning device UOK-NKT, the service life and quality of the wire.








    Lubricant change in the gearbox and motor







    EO - daily maintenance;

    EN - maintenance once every 7 days;

    EM - maintenance once a month;

    EK - maintenance once a quarter;

    EP - maintenance once every six months.