Devices for well dewaxing

Tubing cleaning device (UOK)

The device for cleaning the tubing from the wax UOK-NKT is designed for continuous cleaning of the entire inner surface of the  tubing string by cutting the solid wax layer from the walls.

Advantages over analogues:

·         The unwinding of the wire from the drum is prevented by the use of a spring-loaded movable roller with a weight sensor;

·         Calibration of the scraper position with an accuracy of up to 40 cm;

·         Fully automated slug avoiding process;

·         User-friendly interface;

·         Easy to use.

More than 6 invention applications were submitted and patents were received for some of them: patent No. 2331226 "Device for cleaning the tubing from wax, a piston and scraper are included, with modifications", patent No. 2396421 "Device for cleaning flowlines from wax".

The equipment is manufactured on the basis of licensing agreements with patent holders.

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