Flow rate measurement of single wells

UIDS.NT metring unit is a solution for metering the well flowrate in large oil fields when the wells are located at remote distances from the central facilities.

The UIDS.NT metring units are an alternative to the BIUS metering system and are intended for measuring volume, volumetric flowrate of crude oil, gas-liquid mixture and for measuring volumetric flowrate and volume of oil gas under operating conditions and recalculating them to standard conditions. The unit allows to measure the density under the operating conditions of the emulsion, oil, water, and then calculate their mass and mass flowrate

Number of connected wells


Measurement range:


- mass rate of crude oil, tons/day

from 2 to 400

- volumetric rate of associated gas at flowline conditions, m3/day

from 1.6 to 3000

Working pressure, MPa max


Power supply:


- current type


- voltage, V


Supply voltage deviations, %

from -15 to +10

AC frequency, Hz

50± 1

Power consumption, kVA


Ambient air conditions:


temperature range, °C

from -45 °С (U1) and -60 °С (UHL1) to +40 °С  

Characteristics of working environment - gas-liquid mixture (oil, formation water, gas)


- temperature, °С, within  

from 5 to 60

- liquid viscosity, m²/sec


- pressure of working , MPa


- oil density, kg/m³


- formation water density, kg/m³


- range of water cut values, %

from 0 to 95

- wax content, wt %

< 7,0

- solids content, mg/L, max

< 3000

- solids size, mm, max

< 5.0

H2S content, volume %

< 2,0

maximum gas oil ratio, m³/ton (standard conditions)


Limits of relative error, %


- at changing mass and mass liquid rate


- at changing volume and volumetric gas rate (at standard conditons)


- at determination of mass and mass oil rate as per oil water cut value range:


- up to 70%


- from 70% to 95%


Life time, years