Metering units maintenance and repair

Overhaul of Sputnik AGZU metering unit:

·         Repair of separation tank, flanges, safety valve;

·         Repair of multistream switch PSM (shaft, PSM body, rubber rings);

·         Repair of TOR 1-50 flowmeter;

·         valve repair;

·         Repair of technological block and floor restoration;

·         Replacement of the pipeline, flowrate controller;

·         Replacement of hydraulic drive GP-1M, flap, check valve;

·         Electric installation work.


AGZU Metering units maintenance:

·         Inspection of AGZU metering unit condition for the operability of the measuring system as a whole and its components with issuance of inspection report and defect sheet;

·         Repair and replacement of defective components and consumables on the basis of a defect sheet;

·         Verification of measuring devices with expired verification period;

·         Adjustment of devices, controllers and unit as a whole for making correct measurements;

·         Test measurements of well rates with the issuance of metering unit condition report

·         AGZU metering units maintenance in accordance with the instructions, replacement of sealing elements, other consumables and accessories if necessary;

·         Consultations and training of oilfield personnel for maintenance, adjustment and operation of the units.

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