Flowrate metering units (UIDS.NT)

Flowrate metering units - UIDS.NT  are designed for continuous crude oil measurements from a single well: volume and volumetric rate, density, at flowline conditions of crude oil phases (emulsion, dehydrated oil, water) with further calculation of crude oil mass, as well as measurement of associated gas volume at flowline conditions and conversion to standard conditions in accordance with GOST R 8.615-2005.

The operation principle of the unit is based on indirect measurements of the crude oil mass, the mass of crude oil without water (hereinafter - dehydrated oil) and direct measurements of the free gas volume in flowline conditions by the liquid/gas flowmeter of the ERVIP.NT type.

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Number of connected wells


Measurement range:


- mass rate of crude oil, tons/day

from 2 to 400

- volumetric rate of associated gas at flowline conditions, m3/day

from 1.6 to 3000

Working pressure, MPa max


Power supply:


- current type


- voltage, V


Supply voltage deviations, %

from -15 to +10

AC frequency, Hz

50± 1

Power consumption, kVA


Ambient air conditions:


temperature range, °C  

from -45 °С (U1) and -60 °С (UHL1) to +40 °С  

Characteristics of working environment - gas-liquid mixture (oil, formation water, gas)


- temperature, °С  

from 5 to 60

- liquid viscosity, m²/sec


- pressure of working , MPa


- oil density, kg/m³


- formation water density, kg/m³


- range of water cut values, %

from 0 to 95

- wax content, wt %

< 7,0

- solids content, mg/L, max

< 3000

- solids size, mm, max

< 5.0

H2S content, volume %

< 2,0

maximum gas oil ratio, m³/ton (standard conditions)


Limits of relative error, %


- at changing mass and mass liquid rate


- at changing volume and volumetric gas rate (at standard conditons)


- at determination of mass and mass oil rate as per oil water cut value range:


- up to 70%


- from 70% to 95%


Life time, years



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