Automatic group metering units - SPUTNIK-AM-NT

SPUTNIK automatic group metering unit (AGZU) is designed for programmed periodical metering of liquid and gas rate from producing wells

AGZU metering station consists of two blocks: technological and hardware Block are made from "sandwich" type three-layer metal panels with polyurethane foam or basalt insulation The room is provided with lighting, ventilation and heating. Each unit consists of technological, hardware blocks and includes a set of mounting and spare parts, tools and accessories.

Unit functional purpose - metering of liquid and associated gas volume with transferring the result to the control block or upper level of control system.

Unit operational purpose - providing the control over oil well operational mode

Unit application - pressurized gathering systems and oil production control systems

Instruments, devices and electrical equipment of technological block are explosion-proof Electrical equipment of hardware block has common industrial version

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Number of connected wells


Liquid rate range for the wells connected to the unit, m3/day

1 - 400

working pressure, mpa max


Power supply:


Current type


Voltage, V


Supply voltage deviations, %

from -15 to +10

AC frequency, Hz

50 ± 1

Power consumption, kW


Ambient air conditions:


Temperature range, °C

from -50 to +45

Fluid characteristics:


Temperature range, °C

from 5 to 70

Water cut range, volume %

from 0 to 98

Wax content, wt %

< 5

Solids content, mg/L

< 3000

Solids size, mm

< 5

H2S content, volume %

< 2

Solution gas content, sm3/ton



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