Disk valves ZD.NT

Steel gate valves with disk gate (full-bore) are designed to work as a shut-off device on pipelines transporting gaseous and liquid fluids (process water, oil with content of CO2 and H2S up to 6% with temperature of max 120 °С) and also for closing the channels in production and injection trees.

Valves have corrosion-resistant design.

The material of shut-off elements (saddles and gate) is 40C13 steel in accordance with GOST 5632-72, body material is steel 40C according to GOST 4543-71. Climate zone of valves is UHL 1 according to GOST 15150.

The operating temperature of the valves is from -60 °C to +45 ° C.

Connection sizes of the ZD gate valve are made according to RD 26-16-40-89 or according to GOST 28919-91 (similar to ZMS, ZPM, ZM, or any others on request).

 Mechanisms of the valve drive are reliably protected from fluid by fluoroplastic seal.

To switch between positions "open", "closed" - 2.5 turnovers of the spindle.

Heating is not required at conditions of negative temperatures.

Minimum free volume of the valve cavity excludes the possibility of water accumulation and  freezing and does not lead to body deformation.

The valve installation position on the pipeline - any.

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process water, oil, gas

Tighness according to GOST 9544-93

class A

Connection to the pipeline


Total average life

1800 cycles

Average service life before overhaul

5 years

Fluid temperature

up to 120 °С

Direction of fluid supply


Full service life

9 years


600 cycles

Operating pressure

14,21,25,35 MPa

Nominal inside diameter

50,65,80,100 mm


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