Christmas tree AU ECN.NT

Tree is designed for tying and sealing the oil wellheads equipped with ESP pumps, technological operations, liquid rate control and logging operations.

Tree application is the oilfield wellheads located in moderate and cold climate regions.

Tree body is a welded structure with lateral branches for connecting angle valves. Body flange has landing and sealing surfaces for the additional equipment installation. The tubing adapter is installed in the housing and has power cable and instrumentation holes.

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Tree operation pressure with lubricator, MPa


Tree operation pressure with plug, MPa


Wellhead nipple seal operating pressure, MPa


Nominal inside diameter of valves and piping, mm


Tubing diameter, mm


Connecting thread on the wellhead - casing pipe according - GOST 632, mm

146 (168)

Center-to-center distance between the wellhead axes and the adapter coupling of flowline, mm

2500± 50

Overall dimensions (length * width * height), mm

3250 (±50) *775*1200 (±50)

Weight, kg

Up to 138(147) kg


ЗИП для данной продукции не обнаружены