Horizonal flare unit GFU

Horizontal flare unit (GFU) is intended for the burning (thermal neutralization) of processing effluents at gas central treatment plants, purge gases along with the included liquid emissions (drilling mud and drilling fluid residues, formation water, condensate and etc.).

Horizontal flare unit (GFU) consists of gas supply line, supply line for flared effluents, frame, Coand body and pilot burner. Through the flanges, GFU unit is welded to the external gas and processing effluent lines.

Coand body is a special curvilinear surface where gas is supplied through two narrow slots from the gas supply line. Flowing around Coand body, gas creates a vacuum from the outside and surrounding air is sucked inside for smokeless combustion. During gas burning, flat flare is formed which is crossed at some distance with the sprayed mixture of processing effluents.

Ignition burner burns flare from the Coand body.

Specifications, design and configuration of GFU are calculated individually according to the customer's data specified in the questionnaire.

Weight-dimensional characteristics of the units allow to have high mobility and fast setting-up.
Horizontal flare units are supplied with various ignition systems of explosion-proof and common design:

  • Automatic ignition control system and flame control
  • Manual ignition control system with flame control
  • Manual ignition control system without flame control (spark ignition)

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Gas consumption for burning 1 m3  of processing effluents, sm3/h


Processing effluents pressure, MPa


Gas pressure, MPa

max. 7.5

Fuel gas consumptionby pilot burner, sm3/h

max. 5

Pilot burner fuel gas pressure, MPa

0.08 - 0.1

Overall dimensions, mm

- Length

- Width

- Height




Weight, kg



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