Flare unit modernized UFMS

Flare unit modernized UFMS is made on the basis of the jet flare head OFMS designed for highly efficient combustion of gases in emergency, periodic and permanent discharges.

Application: Oil and gas production, petrochemical, oil refining, chemical and other industries.

Composition of discharged gases: Flare units ensure efficient combustion of any volumes of associated gas from separator with a pressure of 0.6 MPa due to the appropriate flare head modification.

The standard flare assembly supplied includes a flare stack, head (with a wind shield, jet seal and confuser), emergency burners, a remote ignition and  control unit. Scope of supply can be coordinated with the customer on the basis of questionnaires or technical specifications.


1) Stable flame at any gas flowrate and weather conditions such as strong wind and rain;

2) Reduced wind effect on the flare, duty burner due to the correct design of the wind shield and the use of an integrated jet valve;

3) Advantages of jet valve:

• Unique and reliable design;

• Durability of the structure;

• Elimination of burning inside the head;

• Elimination of burning inside the flare;

• Significant reduction in the shutting gas consumption;

• Eliminating the need for lining and drainage;

• No need to heat the valve;

• Eliminating the need for frequent repairs and maintenance;

• No corrosion and metal savings.

4) Due to conical protective cover (screen) on the top of the flare head, air gap is formed separating the flame from the side walls of the stack thereby prolonging the life of the flare head. Additionally, this screen prevents the flame from "wrapping" down and "licking" the flare stack while at the same time preventing the flame burnout due to strong side winds.

5) In the jet head complete combustion of hydrocarbon gases is observed and no steam or other fluid is required to ensure smokeless combustion.

Type codes: UFMS-100- Modernized Flare Unit with a 100 mm jet head.

On request it is possible to manufacture flare head and stack of any size.

Special conditions:

1. At a height of less than 20 m, the use of self-supporting stacks is recommended,  at more than 20 m the use of stacks with stretches is recommended;

2. The minimum nominal diameter of the flare head is 50 mm (burned gas flow rate is 14 sm3/day);

3. Flare system design, selection of the flare head type and material, climate design, ignition and control system, diameter and height of the flare inlet pipe are performed for each particular facility basing on the initial data from the questionnaire and agreed with  the customer;

4. Flare system  height is the calculated value is designed and recommended by the flare system manufacturer taking into account the customer's requirements  and the permissible values of thermal radiation and dispersion.

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параметр значение
диаметр оголовка, мм от 50 до 900
максимальное количество сжигаемого газа тыс. м3 /сутки от 21 до 4750
высота ствола, м от 5 до 61
диаметр ствола, мм от 100 до 900
связь с контроллером верхнего уровня по интерфейсу rs-232/485

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